Install and Configure Package for One CI/CD

Install and Initialise Package

To install and initialise the onetab-cli package for One CI/CD, follow these steps:

Step 1: Install the Package

Use npm to install the onetab-cli package globally:

npm install -g onetab-cli

Step 2: Initialise the Package

Initialise the onetab-cli npm package for your project to set up the required configuration files:

onetab-cli init

Configure Package

After installing and initialising the onetab-cli package, you can use the following commands to configure it:

Start/Stop Applications

Manage the lifecycle of configured applications by starting or stoppingthem.

onetab-cli start 
onetab-cli stop 

List Configured Applications

View a table of configured applications, displaying their IDs, names, statuses, paths, and UUIDs.

onetab-cli apps

Kill Service

Terminate the CI/CD service completely or for a specific project.

To kill the CI/CD service completely:

onetab-cli kill

To kill the CI/CD service for a specific project:

onetab-cli kill appid 

Show Version

Display the version number of the onetab-cli tool.

onetab-cli -v

Show Available Commands

Display a list of available commands and their usage.

onetab-cli -help