Getting Started with One CI/CD

This guide outlines the steps to connect your GitHub account to a CI/CD pipeline using One CI/CD. By integrating GitHub, you can automate the process of fetching repositories and deploying code changes seamlessly.


  • An active GitHub account.
  • Access to One CI/CD platform.
  • Basic understanding of CI/CD concepts.


  1. Access One CI/CD Dashboard:Log in to your OneTab account and navigate to the One CI/CD dashboard.
  2. Connect Account:Locate the section for Account and connect your GitHub, BitBucket or GitLab account. Follow the prompts and authorize One CI/CD to access your code hosting platforms repositories. This step allows One CI/CD to fetch repositories and automate processes.
  3. Configure Repositories and Set Up Project:After connecting your GitHub account, you will be prompted to
    configure repositories that you want to integrate with One CI/CD. Choose the repositories relevant to your CI/CD workflows. Following this, proceed to set up your project within the One CI/CD dashboard. Create the necessary pipelines tailored to branch specifications and
    templates. Define your CI/CD workflow to automate the build, test, and deployment processes.
  4. Install Package and Initialize:Install the OneTab CLI globally using the command:

    npm install -g onetab-cli. 

    Then, navigate to your project directory and initialize OneTab CLI by running:

    onetab-cli init.
  5. Testing the CI/CD Pipeline:Make a small code change in one of your integrated repositories on
    GitHub. Push the changes to the repository.
  6. Observing Pipeline Execution:Return to the One CI/CD dashboard and observe the CI/CD pipeline
    execution. You should see the pipeline automatically triggered by
    the code changes pushed to GitHub.


Integrating GitHub with One CI/CD for CI/CD automation streamlines your development process, ensuring faster and more reliable delivery of code changes. By following these steps and documenting the integration process, you can leverage the power of CI/CD pipelines for your projects.