Connecting and Configuring Accounts in One CI/CD

In this guide, we’ll walk you through the steps to seamlessly integrate your GitHub, BitBucket and GitLab account with One CI/CD.

Step 1: Locate the Account Screen in One CI/CD Dashboard

First, log in to your One CI/CD account and navigate to the account settings screen. Here, you’ll find the option to connect your code hosting platform account.

Step 2: Authorize Access for on GitHub

Click on the option to connect with GitHub. You’ll be redirected to GitHub’s authorization page. Log in to your GitHub account if prompted and authorize access for This step establishes the connection between your GitHub account and One CI/CD.

Step 3: Manage Access

After connecting your GitHub account, you can manage access for other team members. This will allow complete access to team members for CI/CD dashboard, including abilities to create, edit, unlink, pause, and rerun pipelines, as well as adding new GitHub accounts if necessary.

Congratulations! You’ve successfully connected and configured your GitHub account with One CI/CD. Now you’re ready to leverage the power of continuous integration and deployment for your projects.