How does it works?

How does it works? OneTab employs a sophisticated CI/CD pipeline to automate the process of building, testing, and deploying software changes. The pipeline consists of several stages, each serving a specific purpose in ensuring the quality and reliability of the delivered code. Stages: Code Commit: Developers commit their code changes to the version control system… Continue reading How does it works?

Manage Pipeline

Manage Pipeline One CI/CD provides a user-friendly interface to perform various tasks related to pipeline management, including setting up jobs, defining environment configurations, managing dependencies, and configuring deployment settings. It also allows users to configure and manage the Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) pipeline for their projects in OneTab. Usage: Edit Pipeline: Users can… Continue reading Manage Pipeline

Setup onetab-cli

Install and Configure Package for One CI/CD Install and Initialise Package To install and initialise the onetab-cli package for One CI/CD, follow these steps: Step 1: Install the Package Use npm to install the onetab-cli package globally: npm install -g onetab-cli Step 2: Initialise the Package Initialise the onetab-cli npm package for your project to… Continue reading Setup onetab-cli

Create Pipeline

Create a One CI/CD Pipeline Step 1: Click on the “Setup Project” Button Once you’ve selected the project, click on the “Setup Project” button to begin setting up the CI/CD pipeline. Step 2: Create Pipeline You’ll be redirected to the Create Pipeline page. Here, you’ll need to select the branch from your repository that you… Continue reading Create Pipeline

Setup Repository

Setting Up a Repository Step 1: Navigate to Repositories Page After configuring your GitHub account, navigate to the repositories page in the One CI/CD dashboard. Here, you can select the project you’d like to set up a pipeline for. Step 2: Configure OneTab App In the case of Repository not appearing in the list, you… Continue reading Setup Repository

Account Integration

Connecting and Configuring Accounts in One CI/CD In this guide, we’ll walk you through the steps to seamlessly integrate your GitHub, BitBucket and GitLab account with One CI/CD. Step 1: Locate the Account Screen in One CI/CD Dashboard First, log in to your One CI/CD account and navigate to the account settings screen. Here, you’ll… Continue reading Account Integration


Getting Started with One CI/CD This guide outlines the steps to connect your GitHub account to a CI/CD pipeline using One CI/CD. By integrating GitHub, you can automate the process of fetching repositories and deploying code changes seamlessly. Prerequisites: An active GitHub account. Access to One CI/CD platform. Basic understanding of CI/CD concepts. Steps: Access… Continue reading Introduction