The "Teams" Employee Assessment Tool streamlines employee performance management by combining assessment forms with a Kanban-style task tracking system, enabling centralized creation, assignment, and monitoring of assessments and tasks.

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Assessment Forms Management
  • Create and Manage Forms: Users can create different types of assessment forms such as Employee Assessment, Review, Appraisal, and Performance Reports.
  • Time Frame and Status Tracking: Each form has a defined time frame and status, allowing users to monitor the progress of assessments.
  • Member Assignment: Forms can be assigned to specific members, ensuring accountability and clarity in the assessment process.
Form Management
Kanban Integrations
Kanban Integration
  • Task Management:  The tool integrates with a Kanban board, where tasks related to assessments can be tracked in different stages such as To Do, In Progress, Task in QA, and Complete.
  • Activity Tracking:  Visual representation of task activities over time, helping users to monitor progress and identify bottlenecks.

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