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Code Integration

CI/CD code integration refers to the process of incorporating code changes into a continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) pipeline. It involves automatically integrating code changes made by developers into a shared repository, running automated tests, and deploying the changes to production environments. This integration ensures that code changes are thoroughly tested and delivered to end-users efficiently and reliably.

Automated Builds

Experience hassle-free software construction with our advanced automation. Save time and reduce errors as our platform compiles code, resolves dependencies, and prepares your software for deployment, all based on your configurations.

Team Collaboration

Ensure your application's impeccable quality with our rigorous automated testing. From unit to regression tests, we've got you covered. Plus, benefit from in-depth test reports that empower you to make informed decisions.

Continuous Deployment

Enjoy seamless transitions across development stages. Our platform guarantees smooth and consistent deployments, whether you're moving to staging or production, ensuring that your updates go live without a hitch.

Configuration Management

Say goodbye to configuration headaches. With our system, manage your configuration files and settings effortlessly, ensuring a unified setup regardless of your deployment stage.

Quick Setup

Quick Setup

Login with any Git account, and fetch your latest repos to start creating your applications. Install our SDK (we work with iOS, Android, React Native, Swift and various others) and check the latest crash analysis. Is your data secure? One CI/CD provides high-quality security features on all accounts.

  • Two-factor authentication
  • Single sign-in support
  • Organization audit log
  • Privacy
  • SSL encryption
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Continuous Build & Deployment

Continuous Build & Deployment

  • Add Git Repo
  • Auto build
  • Share and get feedback
  • Deploy
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