Set up mock servers

Set up and utilize a mock server with OneTab. OneTab allows you to configure mock servers to aid in API development and testing. These servers imitate the actions of real API servers, accepting requests and providing responses. By integrating a mock server into your collection and including examples in your requests, you can replicate the… Continue reading Set up mock servers


A mock server allows you to emulate your API’s behavior without the need for configuring an actual API server. Utilizing a OneTab Collection, you can establish a mock server. Upon sending a request to the mock server, OneTab generates a response based on the extracted data from your collection. Contents Get Started with Mock Servers… Continue reading Overview

Mock using Saved examples

Mock servers in OneTab mimic an API’s behavior by providing predefined data, facilitating development or testing of your API without accessing production data. These mock servers rely on examples stored within a collection to generate mock data. Follow the steps outlined below to understand how mock servers and examples collaborate and how you can seamlessly… Continue reading Mock using Saved examples

Mock using the onetab API

Utilize the Onetab API to create mock servers that replicate an API’s functionality by supplying predetermined data. This simplifies the process of developing or testing your API without needing access to live data. Mock servers within Onetab rely on predefined examples stored in a collection to generate mock data. Follow the steps below to grasp… Continue reading Mock using the onetab API